Parental Resources


The Parental Resource page will serve as a repository for resources to assist parents in supporting the education and growth of their children. This page is provided on behalf on the North Panola School District to encourage parents by providing effective and efficient resources to ensure their child(ren) receive the best education.

Active Parent is designed to keep parents informed by allowing them to access their child’s school records, including attendance, current grades, homework, and discipline. Click on the Active Parent logo below to log in to Active Parent. 
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Instructional Video Guides

Instructional video guides have been created to help provide assistance to parents and students as it relates to distance learning. These videos will demonstrate how to complete task on mobile devices. Please keep in mind that if you are using a personal device, the steps will slightly differ as those devices are not managed by the district.

Request for Device Repair Form

Please complete the following form if a device issued from the district needs repairs. Once you have completed the form, please bring the device back to the school your child attends.

Repair Form