Teacher Assistant Information

North Panola School District would like to encourage all Teacher Assistants to take advantage of the opportunities listed below. 

Web Tools for Teachers

PBS Learning MediaComprehensive catalog of genuinely fun and engaging lesson plans for Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Engineering and Technology, and Health. Offers material for PreK all the way through high school. A perfect source for all teachers looking for new lesson plan ideas.

ReadWriteThink: Massive bank of online teacher resources filled with tons of lesson plans organized by subject, learning objective, grade level, and theme. Perfect for any teacher looking for developed, clear, and well-organized lesson plans, from Kindergarten to 12th grade. English teachers will find this site particularly useful as it holds more than 500 different resources on fiction and literature!

Google FormsGoogle Forms provides an easy and direct way to build surveys and quizzes, and the interface is easy to use. Results come immediately in organized reports. An essential assessment tool.

ClassDojo: Free site that offers many features and platforms to document, manage, and improve student behavior and learning. Contains messaging apps that can be linked to students and families alike, incentivized learning opportunities, and much, much more. Perfect for 6-12 teachers needing a tool to strengthen classroom management and class engagement.

GoNoodleAn excellent resource for K-8 teachers, this site offers videos and content perfect for quick brain breaks and mini-lessons. The videos emphasize physical activity and total student engagement while still being educational and content-driven. GoNoodle is a perfect way to let younger students release some energy while still remaining in the academic mindset. Their YouTube channel also contains tons of content.

KahootClassic interactive and fun quiz-style game that students most always enjoy. You can create your own assessment, design your own questions, and receive immediate feedback using Kahoot. A teacher classic, and rightfully so. Great for in-person education and distance learning alike but it’s particularly fun in the classroom. Kahoot is a must-have for all 6-12 students.

QuizletClassic flash-card and quiz-based website that operates as an excellent tool for individual or class-wide test reviews, informal assessments, or quick checks for understanding. Either create your own quizlet or choose one from the massive catalog of pre-existing reviews. Quizlet is perfect for 6-12 educators looking for more online resources to help students comprehend difficult concepts and develop academic vocabulary.

RemindA communication platform that allows teachers to remind students of due dates, certain activities, or important news. Its emphasis on two-way communication makes for straightforward dissemination of  updates and important information, and it can also be used to reach out to students’ parents. This is a great tool for 6-12 teachers looking to increase student accountability.

BrainPop GrammarFun site filled with interactive games, activities, videos, and mini-courses on grammar, writing, and vocabulary. The games and modules are engaging but informative and solution-driven. BrainPop also includes quizzes and constructive feedback features that render the games entirely educational. A great site for teachers looking to give K-9 students a light break.

Program Status Dashboards

The links below can be used to determine if a program we use is experiencing issues.

ClassLink: Our single sign-on (SSO) launchpad to access all instructional applications/programs.

Clever: Our single sign-on platform to access all instructional programs.

Edgenuity: Credit Recovery program for grades 6-12.

Edmentum: (Study Island): Instructional program for grades PK-2.

Google: Our suite for products such as email, google classroom, etc.

Savvas: Integrated learning management system with standards-aligned content and customizable assignments to calendars, analytics, and groups.

Zoom: Platform for virtual meetings when we are not using Google Meet.