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Mr. Mark Gross
Transportation Director

 The North Panola School District is proud to own and operate its own transportation system.

Buses are assigned to specific routes and routes are located as close to students homes as possible. Please ensure all transporation forms are completed and submitted in a timely manner and that bus changes are communicated with the child's school and transportation department. Our priority is student safety. This department is responsible for the secure and efficient transportation of students to 5 different school sites. It is comprised of 28 employees. A total of 21 buses are driven each day to effectively provide the needed transportation for all students. Various types of transportation are provided by this department for other functions within the school system, including, but not limited to, field trips, athletic trips, and other educational trips. The primary goal of the North Panola School District Transportation Department is to meet all challenges and to overcome any obstacles that hinder or prevent the safe and secure transportation of students.

The transportation department is located south of North Panola High School on Hwy 51.

Office Hours:   Monday - Friday:  8am-4:40pm (CST)